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All Natural NO GMO !

Raspberry Picking - June 11th 2016
Blueberry Picking July 1st - Oct 1st
Squash picking soon 2016
Apples and Pears July 15th - Oct 15th
Pumpkins Oct 1st - Thank you!
We will be open on June 11th see you soon! Thank you!

Yakima All Naturally Grown Berries

Our Blueberries and Raspberries are always Pesticide Free!

 West Valley Blueberry U-pick apple and berry Farm

Naturally Grown Blueberries and Raspberries

Yakima All Naturally Grown Berries

Apples and Pears U-Pick.

 West Valley Blueberry U-pick apple and blueberry hill, berry Farm

Yakima All Naturally Grown Berries

Open 8AM to 7PM.
Zier Rd Yakima Blueberry Farm

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Apple and Berry U-Pick

Family Berry Picking
Located at 11901 Zier Rd. West Valley, Yakima. Blueberry Picking is fun for the whole family!

pumpkin U-Pick

The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe

Great Recipes from PickYourOwn.org

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